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A new way to avoid Chrome's new 'New Tab' page

New Tab Redirect.

Change isn't always easy. Back in September, Google revamped the “New Tab” page in its Chrome browser – and a lot of folks weren't too thrilled with the results.

So what to do? If you're still not a fan of the new “New Tab” page, I have a new workaround that might be just what you need.

This one requires a third-party extension called New Tab Redirect It's free to use.

Here's the link : New Tab Redirect

All you do is install the extension and then head into its settings (you'll be presented with a link immediately after installation). Click the option to have the extension set the Chrome Apps page as your “New Tab” page. Open a new tab, and voilà: You'll have something pretty darn close to the original “New Tab” setup.

To be clear, it's not an exact match – the Apps page is missing elements like your recently closed tabs and synced tabs from other devices – but it has the same basic look as the original “New Tab” design. If those missing elements are important to you, you might try setting the extension to use the Chrome History page instead; it'll look different and won't show your apps but will show your most recently closed tabs along with your recently used tabs on other devices.

See Also : An extension called currently does a nice job with a minimalist weather-centric start screen

See Also : An Extension Called Ichrome

One way or another, you certainly don't have to be stuck with Chrome's new “New Tab” page. You just have to find a new solution that works for you – and while they may not be perfect, one of these configurations should get the job done.

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