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How to Import a BlackList in mailwasher Pro 7.x

To import a BlackList of domain or e-mail address you need to Create a text file named :<color red> BlackList.txt

This file must have the following format:

                     text file with Blacklist and whiteList

<color green>
[Blacklisted emails]

<color green> [Whitelisted emails]

Note that you can add wildcard

Add all blackListed e-mail or Domain in the Section [Blacklisted emails]

Add All WhiteListed e-mail or Domain in the Section [Whitelisted emails]

Save It and Copy this file into this directory on you computer:

C:\Users\<color red>YourUser\AppData\Roaming\MailWasherPro

Note that you might need to create the directory !!!

After that start MailWasher Pro and click the import Button in mailWasher Pro (settings/SpamTools BlackList) Do that also for Friends List

That's It ! :-D

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