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Visit Firetrust the maker of Mailwasher Pro

We publish a blacklist of spammers and we try to help SpamWasher pro users to maximize their skills with the software.

Download BlackList For Mailwasher pro

Details on the format of this BlackList.txt

This BlockList is updated a few times per week and contains more than 550000 domains known to send spam.

MailWasherPro Presentation: Mailwasher is one of the best spam management utility you will find on the net.

It''s very effictient to stop spam when it arrives in your mailbox and it's good because mailwasher use many strategies to get rid of spam once and for all.

Here's how it does it:

Friends List BlackList DNS BlackHole Powerfull configurable filters

1- The BlackList / FriendsList is simply a database (flat text file) that contain all knows domains or e-mail address that are known to send spam. (We publish such BlackList on this web site). If you get it updated on a regular basis it's a good way the stop spam right away.

The FriendsList is all good address (people you know ) that will never be stop because it's known to be a trusted sender.

2- DNS BlackHole is a free service available all over the world that is used to check e-mail against a dns to see if the sender is a well known spammer. There's a lot of DNS BlackHole on the net and I personally use 3 of them to do the check. If the sender is found in the dns MailWasher flags the message as Junk automatically. (you can review it later if you want)

3- Filters are rules that you create ( or download ) to analyse the message for some known crap like viagra , Online Pharmacy and the like…

All this work by itself with without you intervention that's the main point of using it…

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